• 2ND

    Chemistry & Biology
    Conference 2019
    01 - 05 August

Writing Rules

Abstract Preperation Rules


1. You can send your paper to the scientific committee by following the necessary steps in the REGISTRATION system.
2. Abstracts will be published in the abstract booked.
3. Participants should submit an electronic file of their presentations to the secretary at least one day before their presentation day.



Oral Presentation


1. Invited presentations will be 20 minutes including time for questions.
2. Oral presentations are 10 minutes including time for questions.
3. Oral presentations will be selected by the Scientific Committees.
4. Oral presentations can be done in English, German, French or Russian languages. 

5. None of the presentations will be done interactively as distant. All oral presentations will be performed within sessions of congress.


Poster Presentation


1. Posters should be prepared in a size of 70 x 110 cm and can be easily read from at least 1 meter away.
2. Easy-to-read text characters (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial and Courier) should be used.
3. The title, author names and address information should be prepared in 26-40 font size, and the other parts should be prepared in 16-18 font.
4. The posters will be hanged to the numbered boards in the halls which are selected by the organizing committee.
5. Organizing committee will help the participants for hanging the posters.
6. Owners of the posters will be ready on their posters in the scheduled times.

7. Poster presentations should be prepared in English.