• 2ND

    Chemistry & Biology
    Conference 2019
    01 - 05 August

Photos From ChemBioCon '18

As it is very well known, Egypt is home of many great wonders of the world history and geography.


As you see at the pictures at the side, our congress does not only offers a scientific atmoshphere for attendees but also chances of sightseeings of those great wonders of Egypt. 

Further, the attendees of our congress can also have opportunities of experiencing great parts of Egyptian social life and toursitic places. As you can see at the pictures at the side, last year's attendees had great time during traveling Egypt and Sharm El Shaikh. 


For this year, we think about planning more various tours in Egypt to make our congress programme to become an opportunity for our attendees and their families a great joy in terms of touristic travelling.