• 2ND

    Chemistry & Biology
    Conference 2019
    01 - 05 August

Welcome ChemBioCon '19

Prof. Dr. Kadir ASLAN


Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are pleased to announce that the Second International Chemistry & Biology Conference ’19 (The ChemBioCon '19) will be held in Sharm El Sheikh on between 01 - 05 August, 2019.

The ChemBioCon '19 Conference will be hosted by the Iberotel Palace which is famous for its spectacular sea, delicious cousine in the beautiful resort town of Sharm-El Sheikh, Egypt.


The ChemBioCon '19 conference will provide the opportunity to showcase research in chemistry, theoretical physics, medicine and biology with cross-disciplinary interests to share their experiences, projects and research findings between Egyptian, Turkish and International researchers. 

Selected topics in the ChemBioCon '19 conference include "Current Developments in the field of Chemistry, Medicine and Biology, Innovations and New Practice Areas". 


Abstracts will be published in the conference abstract book approved by the referee comitee. In addition, the full text articles selected by journal referees will be published in the journal "The Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society, Section A: Chemistry" (JOTCSA).


Attendees of the previous congress had the opportunity to enjoy the attractive resort town Sharm-El Sheikh with many cultural attractions and hospitable people. We are going to organize the same activities this year. We hope that you can join us in the ChemBioCon '19 with new insights. 


The first one of our congress also gathered great attention with its social events. 71 academicians attended our organization of Cairo tour that gave unforgetable memories to attendants like sightseeings of Pyramids one of seven wonders of the world, world-famous local markets and museums. As generally known, Sharm El Sheikh located in the edge of Sina Peninsula of the Red Sea is famous with its sea coasts and coral reefs. Among last year's events, attendants had the chance of experiencing direct observations of coral reefs with scuba divings. Moreover, Sharm El Sheikh serves great chances for attendants who would get tours in desert. You can also check our attendants great memories and experiences by looking at their own pictures taken by them and broadcasted on our website. 


We look forward to welcoming you to Sharm El Sheikh in 01 - 05 August,  2019.


Prof. Dr. Kadir ASLAN


Abstracts & Proceedings Book
11-14 JULY 2018 Sharm El Sheikh - EGYPT